100mW 405nm Blue Violet Purple Laser Diode Module 12VDC TTL Stage Lighting


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100mw 405nm Violet/Blue Focusable Adjustable Laser TEMOO Module
This laser module is an industrial electronic component and used for as Industrial test, Lab, DIY. Not a handheld laser.
Comparing with 532nm green or 650nm red lasers, 405nm violet/blue laser is hard to be seen by human since the wavelength is on the range of spectrum by human eye sensibility. Even though a 405nm laser is powerful enough to burn, it is not as bright as green or red lasers.

The modules are tested and the output power are measured by laser power meter before sending out.
Please don’t compare the power of this one with a none-measured laser.
If you doubt the output, please have the laser you recieved checked by laser power meter.
If there is any problem, please feel free to contact us. We will solve the problem asap.
405nm Violet Blue Laser is on the range of human eye sensibility, so that it will NOT as bright as green and red ones.
Please find out the spectrum and human eye sensibility as reference.
Model 11041102
Output Power   >100mw
Working Voltage 12VDC/AC

Wavelength   405nm TEM00
Diameter of the output <1.5mm

Laser Shape  elipse

Divergence <1.5mrad

Focusable  N/A

Dimensions  ø18mmX35mm 

TTL 0-20khz

Working Time(under normal operation)  >5000hours 

Package  1pc 405nm laser module